Who We Service

Honey Gold Processing services business at the wholesale level that manufacture CBD related products at the retail level. Below are a few of our common types of buyers of our distillate.

THC Removal

We offer THC removal as a service. You can drop off your distillate and we will remove the THC inside of your material. We have industrial size chromatography that can safely and effectively remove the THC. We charge per input liter.

THC Free Distillate

Vape Industry

At the Honey Gold Processing lab, we have advanced chromatography machines that can be calibrated to remove the THC in the distillate. This gives us the ability to sell CBD distillate that is "non-detect" THC or LOQ THC on a lab testing report. Our CBD distillate comes out of our chromatography machines at +90% CBD. For the vape industry and vape cartridge manufacturers, this is an ideal CBD distillate to purchase.

Vape Cartridge

CBD & Full Spectrum Edible Companies

Honey Gold Processing's formulation department can help manufacturers of CBD gummies, CBD coffee, CBD oil, and more. Although we do not package retail units, we can help with providing wholesale bulk materials that are infused with CBD and other cannabinoids. We can customize the potency of the CBD distillate based on customer needs.


Topical CBD Oil Manufacturers

Many customers have a need for varying potencies of CBD distillate. Our CBD distillate can be customized for potencies ranging from 50% to 90% CBD distillate. Honey Gold can formulate the remaining portion of the distillate with MCT oil, custom terpenes, or other formulations upon request. We price our distillate per gram of CBD, or specific cannabinoid. Call us today for availability and pricing.



Do you have an idea for a specific type of retail product? Need CBG, CBC, or CBN specifically in your product? Give us a call, we are happy to listen to your custom needs and provide a solution.