CBD Isolate

Honey Gold Processing currently has CBD isolate in inventory to sell to retail manufacturers of CBD related products. We are located in Boulder Colorado and we are able to ship worldwide.

CBD Isolate Crystals

Our Process

First, we start with high potency, high quality industrial hemp that has less than 0.3% THC. The hemp is licensed in the state of Colorado and organically grown without pesticides. Next, we extract the cannabinoids into crude oil with stainless steel extractors at -50c to -80c. This ensures that the fats and waxes stay in the plant material and do not enter the crude oil. The crude oil is decarbed to remove any volitiles. Then, the crude oil is distilled twice to create a pure, clean distillate. Lastly, the distillate is seeded with pure CBD crystals, which grow to form larger 100% CBD crystals. These crystals are washed, cleaned, and oven vaccum dried to form our 100% pure CBD isolate. To view our COA, please click here: PDF of COA for CBD Isolate.

The material is transported from our farm storage location to the Honey Gold Processing lab. Our lab technicians then use an alcohol / ethanol extraction method to pull the cannabinoids and terpenes from the raw botanicals. The solution extract is then run through a multi-step process of evaporation, purification, and distillation. Our final step utilizes chromatography, based on our customer's formulation specifications to remove some or all remaining THC.

Our CBD Isolate COA

To download our COA, click the following link: PDF of COA for CBD Isolate

CBD Isolate COA

How To Order

For pricing, and ordering, please contact us. We accept payment via safefunds.com or via wire transfer. For shipping, we offer 3 to 5 day ground, 3 day, or overnight shipping. Buyer pays for optional escrow fees and shipping.