About Us

Honey Gold Processing is a hemp processor. We take the raw biomass and process into high quality isolates and distillates. The goal of the company is to be a trusted business partner with manufacturers looking to make their own CBD and full spectrum products made from hemp.

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Our Management Team

Lawrence Hourihan, Chief Executive Officer

Lawrence’s experience is focused on driving growth – in markets, in products and in people. For more than 25 years, he has learned to work in public & private entities, both large and small, to shape transformation and drive

Jeff Worley, Chief Financial Officer

Jeff has twenty years of fractional CFO experience with early stage companies and with distressed entities. His work has included a range of new tech and capital market plays in energy, agriculture and R&D driven organizations

James Benton, COO

20+ years Cultivation & Extraction experience, Multi-Award Winner for Cannabis Products, Founding member and Vice-President of Coastal Growers Association (CGA), Manufacturing Director for Monterey County NORML, & Prominent member of NCIA & CCIA.

Andrew Broughton, Corporate Development Officer

Andrew has over 24 years of experience in financial services and has personally arranged over $1 billion in real estate loans. Andrew is also the managing member of Barbary Coast Partners LLC, a private equity company. He has invested in a diverse portfolio of successful companies in technology, mortgage banking, manufacturing, restaurants, and real estate.

Corey Shirley, President

A business innovator and optimizer who has managed teams from 4 to 400 in a wide and varied array of industries in both startups and large-scale, mature organizations, Corey has extensive experience in the CBD industry having operated some of the largest CBD extraction operations in North America.