About Us

Honey Gold Processing is a hemp processor. We take the raw biomass and process into high quality isolates and distillates. The goal of the company is to be a trusted business partner with manufacturers looking to make their own CBD and full spectrum products made from hemp.

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Our Management Team

Eric Duffner

Eric Duffner is an owner and head of the sales and networking team. He always looks out for the customer and does his best to provide excellent service and finished products. Mr. Duffner helps Honey Gold Processing source hemp biomass and he helps us sell our products wholesale business to business.

Tom Blakeley

Mr. Blakeley is in charge of operations. He helps with the big picture for Honey Gold Processing. Tom Blakeley has an impressive business background, taking two companies public on the NASDAQ. He helps Honey Gold Processing with day to day operations, efficiency improvements, and creates strategic partnerships.

Travis Newman

Travis Newman is the acting CFO for Honey Gold Processing. He tracks the revenue and expenses of the company. As a former programmer for IBM, Toshiba, and Hewlett Packard, he helps keep track of the inventory and equipment efficiencies for Honey Gold Processing.